Thursday, 3 February 2011


With the pub the Renegades usually meet at still being refurbished, we all met at my house yesterday evening. It's no hardship, it's more relaxed than the pub and Nell and I enjoy the company. It was an especially good evening for writing too.

Peter C brought just one page but it was an important one being a reworked opening to his 'Tumbling Dice' story. I think this is a good strategy: keep worrying away at the opening until the thing clicks, then these opening 500 words will inform the tone of the rest of the story. He's getting closer but I still don't think he's got under the skin of the main character. He sounds much too reasonable. My reading of psychotics is that they are unbelievably self-centred and self-obsessed, viewing every event and action as a personal assault or insult. It'll be really quite exciting though to see how this develops and how far Peter will be able to push himself.

Jan brought back her 'Cider-o-Wessail' - spelling? -story. She's redone it as 1st person and it works much, much better. The content was good too, the detail and the atmosphere really well worked. Now for the difficult bit: she's got to give her lead character a, er, character and I think she'll need a muse too. If she can do this I think Jan might really be onto something: the setting is great - and original! - and the situations quite thought provoking.

Tim brought a poem - 'With Nothing To Do' - which I struggled to comment on. I'm no poet and the subject matter was so personal that it seem churlish to make any observations about it. There were some interesting lines tho': I especially liked 'Whilst choosing bread at Tesco' sort of summed up the every day nature of death.

Interesting evening tho', especially as I learned that Loudon Wainwright's first two albums are now available again.

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