Monday, 5 April 2010


Over the Easter weekend I've had to take break from writing Demi-Monde 3. I hate to stop but as I thought I'd written myself into the proverbial corner there was really no choice. I had to take stock and think. The dilemma I had was, if I'd gone on the way I was planning, I would have had to have one of my characters - Norma Williams - take a step backwards in terms of her development. Poor old Norma spent most of DM1 as a sort of virtual Penelope Pitstop lurching from one life-threatening situation to another and I'd tried to wean her off this in DM2.

But the plot of DM3 needed a victim and I was stymied as to who - other than poor old Norma - it could be. But like each and every time I drive myself into a plot cul-de-sac I can always take a long walk with Nelli and somehow - magically - something happens. I suppose just by her lending a sympathetic ear she helps to blow the fug away and all of a sudden EUREKA!

I decided that the answer lay in WhoDoo magic. Sheer sloth had prevented me writing my treatise on WhoDoo thinking, convincing myself that the part of the story relating to NoirVille - where WHoDoo flourishes - was quite straight forward so I wouldn't need a back story to use as reference. I was wrong. And now having spent three days steeped in voodoo, hoodoo, juju and girs-gris the plot has unfolded before me like a red carpet.

When you read DM1 (January 2011) you'll see that there is some reference to WhoDoo but it's very much en passant. However the plot hooks and eyes I left are enough for me to firmly anchor DM 3 to DM 1 and to provide me with my much needed damsel in distress.

Thank you, PaPa Legba.

Anyway, I'm off to see 'Kick Ass' now.

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